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A fast-paced, demanding and fun sport

Agility is a sport that originate from England and was first presented at Crufts 1978. Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course consisting of a set of standard obstacles such as for instance tunnels, weaver poles, tire jumps, A frames, winged jumps, teeter-totters etc. Dogs run off leach and the handler guides the dog through the course by body signals, voice and movement.

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For competition or hobby

Agility is a demanding and fun sport where a close collaboration between dog and handler is absolute key to success. There are Heelers training agility for fun on a hobby basis, and a few that are actively competing.

Heeler på Agility

Heeler på Agility

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To write something about agility without a special mention of Skogstrollet´s Chiquitita2, Ia (born 2008), handler and owner Christine Lund Krane; is impossible. What the two of them have performed is outstanding and unique worldwide. Not only have they amazing results from national and international competitions for instance with a 10th in the Norwegian Championship, but the team has represented Norway in World Agility Open in Spania, Italia og Nederland (last in 2018 when Ia was 10 years old. This magical combo can also claim the titles Norwegian and Swedish  Agility Champion. In addition Ia won Finish and Nordic Jump Championship in 2019 and have the title of Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Nordic Jump Champion. What Ia and Christine has achieved is beyond the imagination and would not be happening without a combination of a unique little Ia and the unique handler Christine.


The dog sport Agility will not suit all Heelers or owners for that matter. It is of importance to see the build your dog has and make a judgement individually. A bit heavier (and longer) versions of both must be made aware that agility puts a strain on muscles, tendons, and joints so a solid basic training and condition is necessary and very important. It is also a difference between hobby training and training for competition. It is not recommended to start competing before the dog is fully grown. In Norway a dog must be 18 months before allowed to start competing.

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