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Rally Obedience

A fun introduction to training with a dog

Rally obedience is a relatively new sport, recognised by NKK in 2013. In rally obedience dog and handler proceed around a course of 15 – 22 designated stations with the dog in heel position. The 15 – 22 signs instruct the team what to do.

Rally is all about teamwork. Communication is encouraged and not penalised. Touching, corrections and negative statements as well as use of the dogs name is not allowed. However, verbal commands, clap of hands and hand signals and praise is allowed.

Joy, interaction and attitude

In a competition the course is set by the judge and the team proceed around the course according to the designated markers adjacent to the signs in a given timeframe. Each team start with a perfect 200 score and points are deducted for mistakes. If the team scores more than a set number of points they are awarded a first and with three first for three different judges the dog is qualified for a title and may go up one class come next competition. More about rally obedience in Norway can be found here.



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Rally is a sport for everybody and a fun way of connecting with your dog. In the starter class the dog is on a leash and the team needs to know how to heel, sit, stay, stand, and lie down in different combinations. From the next level up the dog is off leash, and the demands increase as the classes progress. Positivity and enthusiasm are rewarded. Most find rally fun and both training and competition is infused with a positive vibe due to all the positive encouragement awarded the dogs in the course.

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