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Shepherd dog

A working heeler!


The Lancashire Heeler as a breed has historically been used as driving herding dogs. It ranges from driving cattle over longer distances to rounding up cattle and sheep from pasture to the farm.


The heeler is not a shepherd dog à la border collie, but a body shepherd. They are known to speed up the animals by nipping at their heels to quickly duck away from a possible rear kick. This is known in English as "nip and duck". There are few dogs that have a daily job as herding dogs in Norway. We know it exists, but it is less common. It is important to know that not all heelers are suitable for active herding. How much of the traits are in a dog varies. It is possible to test for herding skills on both cattle and sheep.


Photos of heelers actively herding cattle have been donated by Kirsty Ellis. More action pictures and films can be seen in the picture gallery. The pictures of heels herding sheep have been donated by Jenny Luther Wiberg. Many thanks to both of you!

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