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Precision and good cooperation between dog and handler

Obedience is a common name for FCI class 1 – 4 obedience competition. More about these can be found at NKK. All dogs above nine months of age can compete in Norway, the only exception being bitches in heat.

Fun when it works out

In obedience the dog and handler go through a set program where the precision and correctness of the execution is judged.

Heeler på lydighetstrening

Heeler på lydighetstrening

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The program consists of a good amount of heelwork, distance control like for example, recall with position moments, nosework, recall of dumbbells of different qualities and more.

Obedience training involves precision and a very solid connection between dog and handler and is very fun both as training and in competition. Most of the moments are possible to do even if you do not want to compete nationally or internationally.

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