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Bed bug hunter

Training to be able to use a dog in active work takes time, patience and a thoroughly thought-out training program that certainly does not suit all dogs or owners.

Heeler jakter på vegglus

As of today (2023), the only known certified bed bug hunter in the world is owned and trained by Jenny Luther Wiberg. Röda Ladan’s Chocolate Cream, aka Dozer, is the son of her Röda Ladan’s Sweet Home Alabama, aka Alabama, and Norwegian born Vespas 1-million, aka Twist, and Jenny and Dozer have been actively training for a bed bug hunting certification from Dozer was new in the world.


To a dog to be a real working dog takes time, patience, and a thoroughly thought-out training program which in all honesty does not suit all dogs and owners. As a bed bug hunter, the team is supposed to hunt for bed bugs wherever a bed bug infestation is suspected. Often these places are public places like hotels, hostels, hospitals, gyms, or households etc where there is a plethora of disturbances like scents, pets or farm animals and unknown persons.


It takes a special kind of dog to be able to ignore all disturbances and only search for bed bugs. To become and be a bed bug hunter, demands a willingness to train intensely and focused nearly every day of the dog’s life. This kind of focus is not necessarily common for the rascally Heeler, but some few exceptions have the qualities that in the right hands may make them magnificent working dogs.


In the case of Jenny Luther Wiberg and Dozer the right combination of an experienced trainer with a somewhat uncommonly focused and willing to please dog has made a career as a bed bug hunter possible. Pictures and films of Dozer at work is very kindly donated by Jenny Luther Wiberg.

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